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  • Roxanne Noor


Wild girl,

That guy needs to live a little

Love more

Teach him to be generous

A man becomes a man

When he can give to a woman

Be a woman and receive 

Receive and multiply 

Rid him of the opulence

Demolish his glass castle

Crush his Rolex

No need for time

Bring him back to the dirt 

The sprigs and branches

The humble roots

Break the composure of rigidity

For the feeling he can’t buy

Or manufacture 

Or manicure

Or try for

Remind him of what he is

An animal 

An honest guy 

A work of nature

Return him to simplicity

Strip him naked 

Lead him to the ocean’s mouth

Dive headfirst into the depths

Clear waters, clean waters

Unearth the buried man inside

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