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I am Roxanne Noor, a creative writer, and solo traveler with eight years of cultural investigations and artistic ethos. 

This is a record of creative impulse and an examination of life in its multiplicity; tackling the emotional, philosophical, and spiritual planes.

I am involved in what Jung would call “the spirit of the depths”. This is the ancient part of the self that responds to invisible forces and is witnessed in dreams and on the periphery of madness. 


My work is an ongoing dialogue with this still inner center that only the arts and nature can touch. Writing is an attempt to translate this realm of feeling into ideas that nourish the human spirit. 


Whether it’s raising awareness on psychedelics, feeding refugees, or scribbling naturalistic poetry, each act is a contemplation. The desire to understand our shared humanity has driven the majority of my artistic and social pursuits.


From living in nudist communities in nature to non-profit work in the predatory machine of New York City, I use the sharp edges and paradoxes of life as material. 

Work With Me




  • Ghostwriting for autobiographies and books, from start to finish. I will bring your book to fruition through a series of in-depth interviews and developmental revisions. 

  • Editing to enrich the dialogue, restructure the plot, and polish the language to ensure a book of quality and truth.

  • Content creation for websites and social media using keywords to target your specific demographic and increase traffic.

  • Artistic direction for music videos and films.



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