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  • Roxanne Noor

The Message

Updated: Jun 3

Bodies pass one another a thousand times

But so few meet

There is the urge of flesh

There is the tenderness of heart

There is the comprehension of mind

Can each part speak?

Can they find an agreement to live by?

The flesh screams to fuck

The heart yearns to love

The mind attempts to understand 

On night’s like tonight the flesh wins

The full moon is bloodied

The Bili trees moan like exasperated women

The clouds disappear then reappear

You are silent and beautiful 

In your nation of brown skin

I sense comfort 

So much God is here

In this wild jungle of desire we follow the call of nature

“Create” she coaxes 

And as her children we obey 

Salt and spit and sweat commence

Delirious in passion’s arms

I take you in

The bed creaks like an old boat at sea

My waters run deep

Climax is rising 

But something / disrupts us /

An object falls from a shelf onto the bed

It's a black marbled statue of Buddha 

He lays next to our nakedness 

He was the central figure of compassion 

Liberating the masses from suffering 

Buddha said desire creates suffering 

Freedom lays in no desire 

Nibbana then follows 

Desire led me to this jungle of joy 

Desire propelled me to move

And my desire brought me to you

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