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  • Roxanne Noor

The Lovely Little

Updated: Apr 12

The delicate voice of longing 

Urges abandonment of the false prophet

Please don’t assimilate to greed

Swat off money’s grasping hands

Like an eager man’s taking touch

Modernity’s made life a laboratory of lust

This is no salvation to the soul

It hurts to want what’s unneeded 

What’s needed is little, so little

A pinch of salt

A glass of water

A hand on back 


The silent message of simplicity

Strikes like a current of electricity

Like the reverberation of a Tibetan gong

Like the whistling body of a chime


See truth in the knotted roots of the sycamore 

Hear beauty in the churning belly of the ocean

Feel care in the lush nurturance of the jungle

There is pale acceptance 

There is no mercy, 

But a wildflower of compassion


Turn the weary head to what feels wholesome

The hummingbird heart knows what’s real

Deep in the trench of the ravine lies

The still waters of reverence

A golden slice of sunlight

What makes life bearable

Is large appreciation of the little

The tiny winged moth of bliss

Perches upon one’s shoulder

Fragile but alive

No false amusements

No forcing the feeling

No need to try

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